Thursday, January 24, 2013


Oh hello.

So now... there is a new Boduf Songs record, it's called 'Burnt Up On Re-Entry' and it will be released by Southern Records on January the 28th, available as a download, a compact disc, and a record. The record version is on 3 sides of 180gm vinyl with an etching on the 4th side, in a gatefold sleeve with full colour inner sleeves, and a download code for to attain the music in digital form. It all looks very pretty. You can buy it from here if you live in the land of Europe or thereabouts, and if you are more Americany you can buy it here.

I made a little film to accompany one of the songs from the aforementioned record - you can see it by clicking the 'film' thing over there on the right.

There will be a very limited "artist's edition" of the new LP for sale. It comes with a 3" silk screened patch, a copy of the "Infinite Light Ltd." album on either CD or vinyl, and an exclusive CD called "The Broad Descent", consisting of some experimental/ambient reworkings of some of the tracks from the album. All this is in a strictly limited numbered edition of 41 only. You can read more about that stuff and order it by clicking on the 'store' button, over there somewhere >>>

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